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Wednesday, April 24 2019 @ 09:21 AM EDT
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The Gitmo Guard Who Converted to Islam

General NewsTerry Holdbrooks stood watch over prisoners at Gitmo. What he saw made him adopt their faith.

Dan Ephron
From the magazine issue dated Mar 30, 2009

Army specialist Terry Holdbrooks had been a guard at Guantánamo for about six months the night he had his life-altering conversation with detainee 590, a Moroccan also known as "the General." This was early 2004, about halfway through Holdbrooks's stint at Guantánamo with the 463rd Military Police Company. Until then, he'd spent most of his day shifts just doing his duty. He'd escort prisoners to interrogations or walk up and down the cellblock making sure they weren't passing notes. But the midnight shifts were slow. "The only thing you really had to do was mop the center floor," he says. So Holdbrooks began spending part of the night sitting cross-legged on the ground, talking to detainees through the metal mesh of their cell doors.
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2008 Election Season

General NewsAs-Salaamu Alaiukum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

With the impending election season upon us, we thought it might be a good idea to remind each other of some important matters.

DoD regulations state that uniformed or civilian Defense Department
employees cannot, among other things, "knowingly solicit or discourage the
political activity of any person who has business with DoD; engage in
political activity while on duty; and engage in political activity while in
any Federal workplace."
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Muslim-American Marine Helps Break Down Cultural, Language Barriers

General News'If anything, being Arab and being Muslim in the military right now benefits a unit so much,' Ahmed Shama says.

By Gil Kaufman
MTV News

Ahmed Shama was born in Cairo, Egypt, and grew up in New York in a Muslim household. He began studying the Quran at a young age with his father, who, like Shama's mother, is a devout Muslim.
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Women and the Masjid

General NewsIn our Masalla, we recently had a discussion regarding the partition. Some like myself, conveyed the opinion the partition, curtain or wall in the prayer area is maybe an innovation, some suggested that it was either an optional or mandatory item of inclusion.
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Muslim Group Proposes Strict Disciplinary Measures of Service Members Desecrating Holy Books

General NewsSun, 05/18/2008 - 13:54

In response to the recent desecration of the Holy Qu’ran by a US Soldier, the Executive Director of the American Muslim Armed Forces and Veteran Affairs Council (AMAF & VAC) plans to address this appalling and disrespectful conduct with the Joint Chief of Staff Chaplain, as well as the CENTCOM Chaplain on Monday, May 19, 2008.

Service members come in contact with people of various faith groups all around the world. Disrespect of sacred places, holy books, and other artifacts affects the success of the mission by providing justification for individuals and groups who oppose the presence of US service members. It also suggests that Americans are intolerant of other faiths.
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Serving God and Country

General News

by Sonia Azad
Mar 20, 2008

WASHINGTON-- Muslim troops in the U.S. military  face tough challenges that often leave them choosing between their faith and their duty.

There are nearly 3,400 active duty troops who identify themselves as Muslim, according to the Pentagon.

Link to Video

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Interview with Chaplain James Yee Regarding Sixth Anniversary of Guantanamo Bay

General NewsMany people are protesting against the US prison at Guantanamo Bay the world over on its sixth anniversary this month, but for one former US army chaplain it's all quite closer to home.
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Soldier of Faith - First Muslim Woman Military Chaplain to be?

General NewsAs a graduate of an intensive program to train Muslim chaplains, Shareda Hosein wants to be the first woman in the U.S. military to be one. But the Army says it's not a battle she should win.

By Caryle Murphy
Sunday, January 20, 2008; Page W16
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Roger Bolton Interview with James Yee

General News

Captain James Yee, a Chinese American, was the Muslim chaplain to the Guantanamo Bay camp, where the United States Government was holding people they suspected of fighting for the Taliban and working with Al Qaeda.

After drawing the attention of the authorities to the discrimination experienced by Muslim personnel and allegations of abuse of Muslim detainees, especially during the interrogation process, James Yee was arrested and accused of espionage. Eventually all charges against him were dropped and he was given an honourable discharge.

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Frost Over The World - Samuel Moncada & James Yee -07 Dec 07

General NewsInterview on Al Jazeera English "Frost Over the World" with Former US Army Muslim Chaplain, James Yee. In 2003 James Yee, a chaplain at Guantanamo Bay, was accused of spying and aiding Guantanamo Bay prisoners after he objected to cruel and degrading practices taking place there.

The interview with James Yee follows the Interview with the Venezuelan ambassador.

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