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Thursday, March 21 2019 @ 08:12 PM EDT
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Roger Bolton Interview with James Yee

General News

Captain James Yee, a Chinese American, was the Muslim chaplain to the Guantanamo Bay camp, where the United States Government was holding people they suspected of fighting for the Taliban and working with Al Qaeda.

After drawing the attention of the authorities to the discrimination experienced by Muslim personnel and allegations of abuse of Muslim detainees, especially during the interrogation process, James Yee was arrested and accused of espionage. Eventually all charges against him were dropped and he was given an honourable discharge.

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Frost Over The World - Samuel Moncada & James Yee -07 Dec 07

General NewsInterview on Al Jazeera English "Frost Over the World" with Former US Army Muslim Chaplain, James Yee. In 2003 James Yee, a chaplain at Guantanamo Bay, was accused of spying and aiding Guantanamo Bay prisoners after he objected to cruel and degrading practices taking place there.

The interview with James Yee follows the Interview with the Venezuelan ambassador.
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Democrats Seek Better Care for Veterans

Veteran AffairsWASHINGTON - A Democratic senator on Saturday accused President Bush of "hollow talk" in support of U.S. troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and said the Bush administration has not done nearly enough to provide veterans with the care they need.

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., said, "The president can call on Democrats to follow him in lockstep all he wants, but when it comes to caring for our veterans, we are not about to start taking advice from George Bush."
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Pentagon observes Muslim holy month

General NewsOctober 3, 2007

By Sara A. Carter - Navy imam Chaplain Abuhena M. Saifulislam lifted his voice to God as he called to prayer more than 100 Department of Defense employees Monday at a celebration of Ramadan at the Pentagon.

“God is most great,” sang the lieutenant commander and Islamic leader, in Arabic, as iftar — the end of the daily fast began.
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Navy Muslim Chaplain to Help Lead White House Iftar Dinner

General NewsBy Donna Miles

WASHINGTON, Oct. 4, 2007 – When Muslim U.S. servicemembers join other Muslim-American citizens and representatives of Washington’s diplomatic community at an iftar dinner tonight at the White House, one of just 10 Muslim chaplains serving in the U.S. military will have the honors of administering the call to prayer and leading prayers.
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Ramadan Awareness Training Prepares Sailors for Islamic Holy Month

General NewsBy Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Seth Clarke

NAVAL SUPPORT ACTIVITY, Bahrain – A series of briefs designed to educate service members about the upcoming Islamic holy month of Ramadan began at U.S. Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT)/Fifth Fleet headquarters Aug. 12.

Ali Hassan, an intercultural relations specialist with Navy’s Fleet and Family Support Center, spoke to NAVCENT service members to increase awareness of Islam’s approaching holy month and to help those unfamiliar with the observance know what behaviors are expected and appropriate.
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Pentagon Observes Muslim Holy Month

General NewsBy Sara A. Carter

WASHIGNTON, D.C. (Washington Times) Oct. 3, 2007 - Navy Imam Chaplain Abuhena M. Saifulislam lifted his voice to God as he called to prayer more than 100 Department of Defense employees Monday at a celebration of Ramadan at the Pentagon.

"God is most great," sang the lieutenant commander and Islamic leader, in Arabic, as iftar — the end of the daily fast began.

Uniformed military personnel, civilians and family members faced Mecca and knelt on adorned prayer rugs chanting their prayers in quiet invocation to Allah.
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Pentagon: Dropping Yee's reprimand was a mistake

General NewsBy The Associated Press

The Pentagon's inspector general has concluded that the Army for the most part properly handled the case of former Muslim Army chaplain James Yee, who was detained for 76 days and then cleared in an espionage probe.

A two-page, unclassified summary released Wednesday said the investigation found two mistakes: One, when a general overturned a reprimand for adultery and downloading pornography; and two, when a deputy public-affairs officer told The New York Times about the case.
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Yee angered by belated report on his treatment

General NewsSteve Powell

After waiting three years for the report of a Defense Department inspector general, James J. Yee of Olympia was outraged Wednesday by a two-page executive summary sent out by the department.

It says the department did little wrong in its investigation and detainment of Yee, a former Muslim Army chaplain based at Fort Lewis who was arrested in 2003 for allegedly carrying classified information.
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Private marries, finds Islam

General News By Erik Slavin, Stars and Stripes
Pacific edition, Sunday, September 16, 2007

CAMP RED CLOUD, South Korea — Say this much for Pvt. Angela McKenzie, a newlywed, recent Muslim convert and new arrival to South Korea: She’s not afraid of change.

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